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March 27, 2013 • 04:36:57 p.m.

Take 1, 'Day 1'

Geneva film maker follows local path in sci-fi production

GENEVA - Jose Carlos Gomez is a Geneva resident, a Chicago native, and a movie producer. He is currently at work on his latest film project, "Day 1", a science fiction story set in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world. Geneva Republican editor Sherri Dauskurdas took some time with Gomez to find out more about his project and his career.

Tell me about yourself, and the movies you have produced thus far:
I live in Geneva, and I'm proud to call Kane County my own "Hollywood Studio." It is here that shoot most of my productions, and I'm pleased to say that my previous two productions, "Bled White" and "Plastic" have been released on DVD. People from the area can look up these movies and enjoy recognizing some of the local talent and landscapes.

I have made three full features, and multiple shorts, some of which played at the Geneva Film Festival, and earned awards and nominations. I'm proud to have a great, dedicated team at my side, and a family that support my endeavors.

Tell me about ""Day 1"," the premise, and your inspiration for it.
"Day " tells the story of our character, Kevin Hayes, played by Walt Sloan. He's living in a post-apocalyptic world set a few years into the future. Kevin, along with the remaining survivors, is forced to walk across the country in order to keep alive and avoid confronting others that might carry an infection. It's a simple story of a father looking for his daughter, set against the backdrop of a mysterious cataclysm. 

The inspiration came to me in 2010, after we finished shooting "Plastic." I wanted to do something simple, and work with Walt Sloan, who is an incredible actor. I thought I could take a camera and just shoot a simple, meditational story about a man who walks to live. Well, as years went by, the story evolved into anything but a simple production. We have a cast of over 30 people, multiple locations, army vehicles, and movie soldiers. These soldiers are led by a paranoid officer named Captain Reynolds, wonderfully played by actor Harold Dennis. 

There's been nothing simple about making "Day 1"!

Where do you plan to be filming it?
We are shooting "Day 1" in Aurora, Elgin, Geneva, St Charles, and Wonder Lake, to name a few places. 

How much money do you need?
I've set a goal of about $8,000 to shoot this production. I've been able to raise about half. I began a crowd-funding campaign to try to raise at least $2,000 more. This would allow the very minimum required to shoot this unique, little film. It would help us pay for insurance, help feed the cast and crew, and pay for equipment rental. 

Is it locally cast?
The cast and crew are coming in from the Chicago area. Most of the crew is local, such as my producer, Kelli Tidmore. Our cast come from various locations throughout Illinois. We are still casting parts. I hope more local actors contact me. I try to make my movies with as many local talent as possible. "Bled White" and "Plastic" were done in this way.

Why science-fiction and horror? What pulled you to this genre?
I enjoy a good sci-fi movie and a good horror movie. So why not bring both together? I've done two horror features. I wanted to try something new. I had in mind to do a movie called "Strawberry Summer." This was a a coming-of-age movie. But the funding, unfortunately, fell through. My attention turned, next, to "Day 1". 

I think "Day 1" is a unique movie, and the enthusiasm I've received from the cast and crew is encouraging. We also have a distribution deal in place, which is pretty rare for an indie film with out the big, celebrity name. Now we just have to make the movie.

Where can people donate, and where can they find out more?
People who want to contribute to the movie can go to

The teaser trailer is there as well as a list of gifts the contributors can select for having made a donation. We have less than two weeks to raise the funds.
I hope people want to be part of this movie, and help make this project the success I know it can be.

For more information on "Day 1", and the other films produced by Geneva resident Jose Carlos Gomez, visit

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