By ERIC SCHELKOPF - comp:000049183ad5:000000023d:5016 St. Charles band Beautiful Collision continues to gain new fans with its thoughtful songwriting and energetic presence on stage. new
Beautiful Collision (Provided photo)

St. Charles band Beautiful Collision continues to gain new fans with its thoughtful songwriting and energetic presence on stage.

The band, comprised of brothers Adrian Perez on guitar and vocals and Jason Perez on drums and background vocals, will perform at 4 p.m. Sunday in a grandstand show at the Kane County Fair on Randall Road in St. Charles. The show is free with admission to the fair.

Kane County Chronicle reporter Eric Schelkopf spoke to the two members about the show and the band’s music.

Eric Schelkopf: What should people expect from your show?
Jason Perez:
Tons of energy. Just a good time.
On stage, we tend to get into the music quite a bit. We get a lot of feedback about our energy and passion and full sound, along with the quality of the songwriting itself.

ES: You’ve probably heard your music described in different ways. How would you describe your music?
We try to stick with the term acoustic rock. It’s pretty straightforward. It’s definitely not flashy at all.

ES: Of course, last year the band released the CD “Live at The House Pub,” which was recorded at The House Pub in St. Charles. Do you think the album is a good representation of the band’s live show?
You can get a general idea of what to expect, for sure, off of that album. To be honest, it was bittersweet for us. My brother, Adrian, was playing a show a few days before we recorded the album, and he blew out his voice.

We definitely noticed a difference in his vocals. So the overall album for us was somewhat bittersweet. But I think it captures the energy and the focus of our songwriting.

ES: You guys started playing, I understand, while you were living in Mexico City in 2002.
That was because of our father’s job. We obviously followed him out there. I was 12 years old.
That’s pretty much the reason we picked up music. Adrian started playing the guitar first, and after a while, he said to me, “Hey, why don’t you get a set of drums?”

For the next five years, the focus was music. That was pretty much all we did.

ES: Living in Mexico, do you think that influenced your music?
More than anything, I think we benefited from being away from popular music.

We had an idea of how we wanted things to sound, but we didn’t really have too many outside influences as we were growing as musicians. We found our own niche by ourselves.

ES: These days, roots rock seems to be pretty popular. Do you think you guys are benefiting from that?
Adrian Perez:
We might be benefiting from people looking for a different kind of music. They are not content with hearing what is on the radio.

People are leaning towards roots rock where they feel there is genuine music. But I wouldn’t classify us as roots rock.

The following that it has gained has started to give it a bit more of a defined image, a defined sound, and basically turning it into a genre. We have trouble tying ourselves to any specific genre anyway.

ES: Are you guys working on a new album?
The recording process has basically just begun. We expect to have it done by next February or March.
JP: We are first coming out with an EP. We try to put out small EPs, four or five song EPs, just to give a little taste for what the album might sound like.

This new EP will probably be out sometime in late August.

ES: What can people expect from the new album?
With the new album, we are highly focused on using the elements of our band as they are at the core, which is just drums, acoustic guitar and vocals.

Without considering other instrumentalists who might be playing or recording with us has really allowed us to color and make more extravagant approaches to what we’re doing.

We’re not relying on anybody else any more. We’ve diving a little deeper into the fact that we are a two-piece rock band, and trying to make that as interesting as possible.