July 24, 2013 • 03:28:13 p.m.

Documentary, 'Girl Rising,' to screen in downtown Aurora in August


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AURORA – Adriana Francois is bringing the documentary film "Girl Rising" to Copley Theatre, 8 E. Galena Blvd., Aurora, for two showings in August if enough people reserve tickets in advance.

Screenings will take place at 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 17, and Sunday, Aug. 25.

"Girl Rising" is a† feature film that is only shown in local theaters when it's hosted. Francois helped to bring the movie to the Randall 15 IMAX in Batavia earlier this summer.

According to a news release, if a minimum number of tickets are reserved through the Gathr website – for Saturday or for Sunday – then the movie screening is “tipped” and the film can show at the venue selected. The film can only be shown if a certain number of tickets are reserved via the Gathr Films website before the screening date.

The film that follows the lives of nine extraordinary girls born in unforgiving circumstances in nine different countries, and depicts the strength of the human spirit and the power of education to change the world. For example, Sokha, an orphan who rises from a life in the garbage dump in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, rises above her situation to become a star student and an accomplished dancer.

The film was directed by Academy Award-nominated director Richard E. Robbins, and written by nine celebrated writers and narrated by nine renowned actresses.

Each girl's story is paired with a writer from her native country, such as Marie Arana (Peru), Edwidge Danticat (Haiti), Mona Eltahawy (Egypt), Aminatta Forna (Sierre Leone), Zarghuna Kargar(Afghanistan), Maaza Mengiste (Ethiopia), Sooni Taraporevala (India), Manjushree Thapa(Nepal) and Loung Ung (Cambodia).

The stories are narrated by actresses Cate Blanchett (Haiti), Priyanka Chopra (India), Selena Gomez (Sierra Leone), Anne Hathaway (Afghanistan), Salma Hayek (Peru), Alicia Keys (Cambodia), ChloŽ Moretz (Egypt), Freida Pinto, Meryl Streep (Ethiopia) and Kerry Washington (Nepal).

"Girl Rising" also features Freida Pinto and Liam Neeson.

Tickets to "Girl Rising" can be reserved for either of the 3:30 p.m. screenings Saturday, Aug. 17, or Sunday, Aug. 25, by visiting or

For more information about the film, visit

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