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September 5, 2013 • 12:39:30 p.m.

Taste of the Town: Dimples Donuts bakes up fresh sweets

By NICOLE WESKERNA - nweskerna@shawmedia.com

Hen Ly, baker at Dimples Donuts in Batavia, makes fresh blueberry doughnuts. (Nicole Weskerna – nweskerna@shawmedia.com)

BATAVIA – On an ordinary day at Dimples Donuts, bakers are churning out anywhere from 500 to 1,000 freshly made doughnuts to keep up with the daily demand.

Owner Nali Vong said the shop is known for a range of homemade doughnuts and pastries, such as its old-fashioned buttermilk doughnuts, its blueberry doughnuts and apple fritters. The apple fritters are so popular, in fact, that one company from Minnesota once asked Vong to ship some via express mail.

“And we did – we sent them apple fritters,” she said.

Dimples Donuts has been in Batavia for 21 years, Vong said. She has owned the doughnut shop for the past three years, and her aunt and uncle owned the business before her. Vong’s siblings and a cousin still help out, she said. In February, Dimples Donuts opened a second location in Naperville that has a drive-thru window.

The shop carries 17 different types of doughnuts, as well as coffee drinks, smoothies, homemade muffins, brownies and breakfast sandwiches.

For the past two years in a row, including 2013, Dimples Donuts won the Kane County Chronicle’s Best of the Fox Reader’s Choice Award for best doughnut.

Everything is made on site by hand – even the croissants and the French crullers.

“It’s fresh every day,” Vong said.

The longtime establishment also has its share of regulars. For example, one area church regularly orders 70 dozen doughnuts every Sunday.

Any leftovers usually go to the Batavia Interfaith Food Pantry, Vong said.

Head baker Sovonnary Vong can make about 35 doughnuts per batch, and she said her timing has to be just right when she methodically flips them over using a pair of long sticks.

Among the doughnut flavors are maple-flavored long johns, doughnuts with strawberry icing and devil’s food cake. Dimples Donuts is open during holidays, which is when it offers homemade pies, such as apple, cherry and pecan. Its cakes also are popular, especially the chocolate-frosted cake, Vong said.

Sometimes bakers will start making doughnuts at 9 a.m. and end at 5 a.m. to fry up the freshest doughnuts possible. They also use premium shortening rather than oil, so the doughnuts are a little healthier, Vong said.

“Everything is hand-made. Everything we make is from the heart,” Vong said. “We want customers to love it, and we want our products to be the best.”

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