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October 30, 2013 • 03:03:44 p.m.

Taste of the Town: Smoothie shop offers healthy meal replacements

By NICOLE WESKERNA - nweskerna@shawmedia.com

Joe Walters, owner of Batavia Nutrition, serves up high-protein smoothies that can take the place of a meal. Walters said the smoothies helped him lose 50 pounds in about a year. (Nicole Weskerna - nweskerna@shawmedia.com)

BATAVIA – A year ago, Joe Walters said he was 50 pounds heavier.

He lost weight after committing to a nutritional smoothie diet and started replacing certain meals with the drinks.

“Obviously, losing 50 pounds, I totally believe in the product,” he said.

In September, he opened Batavia Nutrition, offering 31 flavors of high-protein meal replacements that target various parts of the body. Smoothies help people lose weight and boost energy and metabolism, Walters said. Some of the most popular flavors include strawberry banana, banana nut, peanut butter cookie and pumpkin pie.

When customers stop into the store at 144 W. Wilson St. in Batavia, they get a shot glass full of aloe vera juice, which helps with the digestive system and joint support, Walters said. They also get a small glass of herbal tea filled with antioxidants.

“The company believes that, if the body has healthy cells through proper nutrition, the body is able to repair itself,” he said.

He said while the smoothies don’t offer a cure, they can help the body fight off problems that occur.

Walters said he first tried the smoothies while servicing a restaurant in the Geneva area. He passed by a nutrition club and tried a smoothie. He said as a former college baseball player, he had tried protein supplements in the past, and most tasted chalky or were far too sweet.

“The first thing that caught me was the taste,” he said. “Other products were chalky or clumpy and didn’t taste good at all.”

And by the time he left Geneva and hopped onto Interstate 88, he said he could already feel more energized.

After periodically trying the smoothies whenever he was in the area, Walters said he decided to get serious about using the smoothies to lose weight. He said he started at 285 pounds and got down to 225 pounds in about a year.

Walters said he continues to use the smoothies in place of two meals a day while eating four to five small, healthy snacks in between. He said he drinks one smoothie in the morning, followed by a healthy snack. Then he has a shake in the afternoon and a few more healthy snacks. And for dinner, he said he and his wife eat a healthy meal together.

The smoothies – which Walters pointed out are handy, on-the-go meals – keep him full for about three hours.

In addition to losing weight, customers can start plans to maintain their weight, and athletes can use the supplements to gain weight, as well, he said. Products also are geared toward children and seniors.
Customers who want to start a weight loss plan, for example, can participate in a free wellness program, where Walters will measure numerous areas of the body, including body fat and bone density.

But if someone really wants to lose weight, they have to be ready mentally, he said.

“Losing weight is 80 percent nutrition and 20 percent physical activity,” he said. “Eighty percent of the nutrition aspect is mentality, too, and 20 percent is action. If you’re focused on making the right choices – having a salad versus a cheeseburger – and you’re mentally focused, you’re going to succeed in whatever your weight loss goal will be.”

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